2016 DenCO Photo Contest is On!

The 2016 Photo Contest is now open for voting on Facebook through Wednesday, November 16. Our Facebook page, linked below, is a closed group.

DenCO Facebook Page Link

To join click the “Join” button and any member can accept another member into the group. Having a Facebook account is necessary to join. If you aren’t a member of Facebook and don’t want to join, you’ll be able to mail in a ballot. All the photo entries will be published in the October newsletter. A ballot that can be printed and mailed will be attached to the newsletter eblast. The rules for voting are pinned on our Facebook page. Each member gets 10 votes. There are 12 categories and we’ll award 1st, 2nd and 3rd place to the photos that get the most votes. The horizontal photo with the most votes will become our new profile picture on our Facebook page. Thanks to all the members who contributed. It’s been a delight to see the world through the lenses of your cameras in 2016.

Harvest Host Winery Image by JoAnne Gearhart

Harvest Host Winery Image by Jo Anne Gearhart, 2015 2nd place prize winner

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